The AISWOP (Ass In Seat, Words On Page) writing group is about meeting other authors and working together to complete your work. Use this group as your opportunity to connect with other like minded authors for everything from talking through difficult problems all the way to collaborating on work together.



The basic rule of being an author is to write, a lot. The AISWOP (Ass In Seat, Words On Page) group is not just about talking, it's about action. We believe that coming together to write allows you the excuse to put your ass in the seat, and words on the page.



Whether you are self publishing, or traditional publishing, the goal of every author is to get your work out there for others to read. This is end goal of all of our efforts, and the prize that awaits you at the end of the Author's journey. Join us and fulfill your dream of becoming a published author!

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We meet every Tuesday evening from 5:30pm to 7:30pm at the Corporate Parkway Library. Let us know if you want to come join us some Tuesday!

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